Sanmarg Correspondent

Kolkata : A St. Xavier’s University professor was forced to resign for posting pictures on Instagram wearing a bikini. After these allegations surfaced, there has been an uproar on social media regarding this issue. Meanwhile, now the VC of the university, Father Felix Raj, has come forward and issued a statement saying that no one has been forced to resign. In a statement, Father Felix Raj said, ‘The management always tries to maintain the respect of all the people associated with St. Xavier’s University. Along with this it is clearly being stated that no professor has been compelled to resign. It is outrageous to even imagine that someone will be forced to leave the job from St. Xavier’s University.’ Along with this, Father appealed that unnecessarily discrediting the university should be stopped. The way it is being discussed on social media, in such a statement, Father Felix Raj said, ‘For the last several days, many types of statements are coming out in the media about this establishment. There is talk of forcibly taking resignation from a professor. In this regard, statements are being produced against several employees of the establishment. However, no identity of the professor who has been forced to quit has been brought to the fore in the media. It is worth mentioning here that in the year 2021, the said professor was associated with St. Xavier’s. He had put many pictures on Instagram. Seeing the pictures, a student’s parent complained about it. The professor claims that after this complaint, he was humiliated and forced to leave the job. There is even an allegation of sending him a compensation notice of Rs 99 crore by Xavier’s management. The professor has also spoken of fighting a legal battle in this matter.