New Delhi: Sharing pictures in bikini on his social media account by an assistant professor became overwhelming. In fact, when the family members of a student complained about this to the university administration, the university administration fired the professor from his job. This incident is from last year but now the court has been approached by the woman regarding this matter. At the same time, a lot of talk is being done on social media about this matter.

what is the matter
The case is of St. Xavier’s University in Kolkata in October 2021, where an assistant professor shared his pictures in bikini, shorts and gym clothes on his Instagram account. After this, the relatives of a student of the university complained to the university administration against the post of the female professor. After this, the university administration asked the female professor to resign. According to media reports, the woman professor was not even shown a copy of the complaint against her.

female professor lodged complaint with police
The lady professor complained about this matter to Jadavpur police station. The professor has demanded in the complaint that it should be investigated how his account, which can only be seen by some of his close friends, was leaked to a third person. Along with this, the female professor also says that she had shared these pictures on social media before joining the university.

University made a defamation claim of 99 crores
The lady professor has approached the court. The woman has also complained to the National Commission for Women. According to media reports, the university administration has also sent a defamation notice of Rs 99 crore for the female professor knocking on the court. After which the lady professor has also approached the Calcutta High Court.