KJ Srivatsan, Dausa: Everyone was stunned when Dholi Meena came out in a lugdi among bikini girls in Europe. Dholi’s videos are going viral on social media. In most of the videos, Dholi is seen in traditional dress Ghaghra Lugdi. Be it the market or cafe, she poses for pictures everywhere and is seen making reels in the typical desi style. Due to this style, his videos are also becoming popular. Despite living in the glare of modernity, he is in the news for not forgetting Indian and Rajasthani culture.

Although Dholi has been putting such videos on her social media account for a long time. But she came into limelight because of the Malta beach video uploaded on 7 August 2022. She is seen walking in a ghagra lugdi among bikini girls on Malta beach. So far, more than 15 thousand people have liked him on this video on his Instagram.

Dholi Meena, who is fond of making reel, is the daughter-in-law of Dausa. Husband IFS officer Lokesh Meena works at the Indian Embassy in Malta, an island country in the Mediterranean Sea. In such a situation, wherever he goes, the colors of Rajasthan get scattered. These reels are being liked a lot. Dholi Meena, a resident of Nimali village in Dausa district, is very active on social media. The video of her walking in a ghagra-lugdi among bikini girls on the beach was being liked more and more. Everyone wants to know about this woman who is seen in typical Rajasthani costume on foreign soil. Dholi is currently living with her husband Lokesh in the island country of Malta in Europe.

Dholi, who is active on Instagram, has put up many reels from foreign soil, which are being well-liked. These reels are making headlines these days. She is also being greatly appreciated for her Rajasthani dress and customs. Lokesh Meena from Dausa is posted in the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) in Malta, Europe. Dholi Meena also lives with him in Malta. Dholi had uploaded several videos on Instagram, including a video from a Malta beach wearing a ghagra-lugdi. He was well-liked on social media. Till now millions of people have watched these videos and are also liking them a lot. From the beach to the vegetable market and from the White House in Washington DC to the streets of Malta, every video of Dholi is being well-liked.