An actress had to become a victim of trolls after her photo in bikini with her 6-year-old daughter went viral. In one photo, she was seen in a swimming pool with her daughter. Regarding this, people on social media strongly criticized the actress, and also raised questions on her parenting.

Now E! In an interview given to News, 43-year-old American actress Coco Austin has given a befitting reply to the troll on this issue. TV star and model Coco Austin became emotional while answering.

He said- I am always in the public eye. You never hear anything good about me except bad. But I know that I am a good mother. Saying this she started crying.

Austin further said that I have dedicated my life for the daughter for the last 6 years. Have put everything at stake including my career. just to take care of her. I just want some love and respect from people.

Let us tell you that Coco Austin is married to the 64-year-old famous rapper Ice-T of America. Austin’s rapper husband also supported her on this issue. He said that among all the people I have met till date, you (Austin) are the most incredible. You are the best mother anyone can imagine.

When Austin was seen in bikini with 6 year old daughter!

In fact, last June, Austin had gone on a vacation to the Bahamas with her 6-year-old daughter. During this, she shared many of her photos in bikini. In some photos, along with Austin, his daughter also appeared in bikini. After which some social media users started criticizing Austin.

In the comments, some users wrote that the dress of the mother with the daughter was not appropriate, while some said that there were other children in the pool, they should have been taken care of.