As the heat of assembly elections in five states has started increasing, two words have started being heard in social media, election speeches and fiasco in the middle of them. These are hijab and bikini. The Hijab controversy started in Karnataka’s schools and colleges, but now its echo is being heard all over the country. Political parties have started accusing each other of polarization in elections due to this word. If the word hijab started appearing in social media and news, then Priyanka Gandhi said in her speech that whether women want to wear hijab or bikini – it is their right, then on seeing it, bikini started trending on Twitter and social media.

The BJP alleged that the Congress was deliberately raising the issue of hijab in the elections to polarize votes. He also alleges that the hijab controversy in Karnataka is due to the Congress itself. By the way, if analysts are to be believed, the hijab controversy started from a girls’ school in Udupi, Karnataka. The spread of the hijab movement in Karnataka means the growing influence of the CFI and SDPI, which are active parties in the region, instead of the Congress and JDS. BJP will benefit from this movement.

Shameful in support of hijab on Twitter on Wednesday i.e. 09 February, bikini in support of bikini is trending tremendously on Twitter. Thousands of people tweeted on this.

Priyanka’s tweet on bikini and hijab
Not only Twitter and social media, but all the things about this have started being heard in election speeches. Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra tweeted on Wednesday that what clothes girls will wear is her own decision. This right is protected by the constitution. Priyanka Gandhi tweeted, “Whether it is bikini, veil, jeans or hijab, it is a woman’s right to decide what she wants to wear. This right is protected by the Indian Constitution. Stop harassing women.”

This is the hijab, which has often taken the form of controversy in schools and places around the world.

why the controversy over hijab
Now let’s know what is hijab, by the way, wearing hijab has been creating controversy in the world, from schools to all places. There are many beliefs about hijab all over the world. While in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, in many places in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, men make remarks on women who come out of the house without covering their hair and also threaten to kill women, while wearing it is banned in many countries of Europe. Fitted to.

what is hijab
Meaning of Hijab in Modern Islam. The hijab in the Qur’an is not related to clothes, but as a veil between women and men. In the Quran, both Muslim men and women have been instructed to wear decent clothes. Here the words Khimar (for covering the head) and Jilbab (cloak) for clothes are mentioned. Under the hijab, both men and women have been asked to wear loose and comfortable clothes, as well as cover their heads.

what is bikini
On the other hand, bikini is a word usually worn while swimming, which is generally not considered appropriate to wear in public, but photoshoots in bikinis for models from film actresses often become a topic of discussion.

This is Michelle Bernardini, who became a bikini model for the first time 75 years ago. It was very sensational then.

This is a small two piece garment. It is also called two piece. This is a women’s swim suit. Generally, the smaller the dress, the more controversial it is. For a long time it was banned in many countries of the world. The nose was wrinkled on wearing it, but now except in some Muslim countries, women are seen wearing it on the beaches from all over the world. One of the major reasons for it being controversial has been its design.

was it ever banned
In many countries, bikinis were either banned or some of its designs on beaches and other public places. In 1949, France banned the wearing of bikinis on its beaches. Germany banned bikinis in public swimming pools until the 1970s. Some communist groups condemned the bikini as a “capitalist collapse”. The bikini also faced criticism from some feminists, who denounced it as a garment designed to woo men.

Now the use of bikini in sports has become very common.

then there was panic
In 1946, when 19-year-old French girl Michelin Bernardini demonstrated her bikini for the first time, there was a panic. People expressed their displeasure. The French media and church were furious. This work was done on this day i.e. 05 July 1946.

The designer of the bikini was Louis Riard of France. After searching, she could not find any professional model to wear this skin-clad outfit. Everyone refused to come in public wearing it. Reard wanted to show it at a fashion event in Paris, but when the professional models weren’t ready, he approached a casino’s nude dancer.

She was a nude dancer Michelin. It has been 75 years now. Meshlin is now 93 years old. are alive. Then she used to work as an exotic nude dancer in a popular casino in Paris.

One airline of Vietnam is called Bikini Airlines. Its airhostess not only wears bikinis, but every year she also brings out a special calendar, in which flight attendants are seen in bikini only. Its shoots have been done from the attractive beaches of the sea to the planes. However, soon there was opposition to these clothes of the airhostess in this flight.

even a bikini airlines
A private airline made its debut in Vietnam in the year 2011 for the first time. And soon it became the most popular airline of Vietnam. The reason was the ed and the outfits that her flight attendants wore during the flight. Airlines shortlisted beautiful airhostess for the job.

During the flight, its airhostess started appearing in bikini. Although the name of this private airline was Viet Jet Airlines, but it came to be known as Bikini Airlines among the media and people. These airlines are famous not only in Asia but around the world as bikini airlines.

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