In the ‘Baywatch’ series in the nineties, there has been a ruckus over the bikini photo of Donna D’Erico in a red swimsuit. The actress is 54 years old and her age is being made fun of.

Donna D'Errico
People were trolling the Baywatch actress for wearing a bikini at the age of 54, got a strong answer
American actress and model Donna D’Erico is 54 years old. At the age of 28, this actress created a sensation with her bold acts in the famous TV series ‘Baywatch’. Seeing Donna running on the seashore in a red swimsuit, the heartbeat of crores increased. But in recent days some people trolled him on social media. Donna is known for posting her semi nude pictures on Instagram. Objecting to her hot and bold photos, some users said that at the age of 54, she no longer suits such a bold avatar. Not only this, some people even called him old. The trolling escalated when she recently wore an American flag bikini on a show. But Donna D’Erico has now given a befitting reply to the trollers by sharing a new bikini photo on Instagram.

Donna D’Errico has now shared a photo in a white string bikini on Instagram. Along with this photo, she wrote in the caption, ‘Some women complained about the 4th of July video in which I posted in red white and blue bikini. They thought I was too old to wear a bikini. Not only this, someone also called me Desperate. Let me tell you something that might surprise you. I can really wear whatever I want and I can really do it. Same thing, this photo where I am sitting in a bikini on a coffee table.

Donna DERrico Bikini

Donna D’Erico replied to the trollers with this photo

Playboy magazine model Donna D’Erica
Donna D’Erico made headlines by doing a photoshoot for ‘Playboy’ magazine before the ‘Baywatch’ TV series. Not only this, in September 1995, she was chosen ‘Playmate of the Month’ for ‘Playboy’ magazine.

Donna Derrico

Donna D’Erico has appeared in two seasons of Baywatch

Earlier used to do this work in Las Vegas
Before modeling for the magazine, Donna worked for a limousine company in Las Vegas. Donna appeared in two seasons of the TV series ‘Baywatch’.

Donna Derrico in Baywatch

Donna D’Erico was 28 at the time of ‘Baywatch’

Life changed after ‘Baywatch’
After appearing in ‘Baywatch’ in 1996 and 1998, Donna D’Erico also hosted the shows ‘Battlebots’ and ‘Candyman: Day of the Dead’ on TV. After this she appeared in many films, including ‘Intervention’, ‘The Making of Plus One’ etc. In personal life, Donna is divorced and lives with her two children.

Donna Derrico

Donna shares bold and semi nude photos on Instagram

Was married to Nikki Six
Donna D’Erico married rock musician Nikki Six in 1996. The couple has a daughter, who was born in 2001. Donna had earlier adopted a child, Ryan, in 1993. He got divorced from Nikki in 2007.

Donna Derrico

Donna’s film has also been released in 2022

Have climbed the top of the mountain
Donna is vegan. She also works for Animal Rights i.e. animal rights. Donna also loves adventure. She climbed the summit of Mount Ararati in 2012 and was successful in it. She was training for this adventure since 2011.

Donna Derrico topless photo

photo of Donna D’Erico

Three films released in the last two years
Donna D’Erico is still active in films. In the same year 2022, his film ‘Frank and Penelope’ was released. Whereas in 2021 his two films ‘Survive the Game’ and ‘Escape from Area 51’ were released.

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