Due to pregnancy, Bollywood actresses have often been tight-lipped about doing baby bump shows. Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, or Bipasha Basu have all flaunted their baby bump in style. The same Sonam was even trolled for the photoshoot done in her pregnancy. At the same time, Lisa Haydon was also in a lot of news about 3 pregnancies and hot photoshoot done at that time. But there has also been an actress like this. Who had done such a photoshoot due to pregnancy, which everyone was surprised to see. The actress who took this bold move was none other than Sameera Reddy.

Sameera Reddy remains in the news for Sassy Sasu and Massy Mamma videos. Recently, he also made a big disclosure about the pen after his first delivery. Sameera had told how she was feeling pain even in being happy for that happiness. After the birth of the first child, there was a problem with changes in hormones and mood swings. When Sameera gave birth to her first child, she was struggling with stress, due to which she was not even able to rejoice at the birth of her son.

Sameera Reddy has always been of a bindaas nature. They don’t need to think twice to do anything. She did the same thing when she was pregnant for the second time. Sameera had done such a photoshoot with baby bump, which everyone was surprised to see. Sameera surprised everyone by doing an underwater pregnancy shoot. He did this photoshoot in 2019. In the photoshoot, she was seen wearing different types of bikini under water. This video was made by combining several photographs. Sameera did her best to spread positive through this post. This video of him is becoming fiercely viral on social media at this time.

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