New Delhi. Katie Hill, a member of the American Democrat Party, declared herself bankrupt last month. The condition of Katie Hill, who was a member of the US Parliament, started after the shocking photo leak. The objectionable pictures of Katie Hill, who won the MP’s election in January 2019, were published in October 2019 and after this, a period of trouble began for her.

confessed to illicit relationship
On October 18, 2019, news of an affair between Katie and an officer close to her was published in a news blog named Redstate. Both of them together denied the allegation. But on 23 October, Katie herself admitted that she had an illicit relationship with a staff member during the election campaign.

resigned in November 2019
Just four days later, Katie surprised everyone by announcing that she was resigning from Parliament. In fact, at the same time, the British newspaper Daily Mail had published nude pictures of Katie, which caused a lot of uproar. Katie called the publication of these photos a breach of privacy. He resigned from his post on 3 November 2019.

Marks associated with the Nazis!
In pictures published by Daily Mail, Katie was seen kissing her female staffer and getting her hair done. In a nude photo, Katie’s bikini line showed an Iron Cross associated with the Nazis. Katie was also accused of being a supporter of White Supremacy due to marks associated with the Nazis.

After this, on 7 December 2019, Katie wrote an article in the New York Times explaining why she resigned. He wrote that after the photographs were published, thoughts of suicide were coming within him.

Case filed in December 2020, lost
In December 2020, Katie filed a case against her ex-husband, Daily Mail and Red State. Katie’s argument was that her photos were published without consent. But in this case, Katie had to face defeat. The court ordered him to pay $220,000 or Rs 17,565,076 to the Daily Mail and other journalists. However, Katie could not pay this amount after spending a lot during the case. In the month of July itself, Katie Hill declared herself bankrupt. It is also being said that Katie has taken this decision not to give money.

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