Uorfi Javed Transparent Bikini Look: Social media star and Bigg Boss OTT fame actress Urfi Javed has once again come out with her new strange and intimate look. Seeing the new avatar of Urfi Javed on social media, people’s mind is stuck. This time Urfi has crossed all limits in the name of fashion. This time Urfi has come in front of people wearing a transparent bikini and is seen covering herself with her hands in her latest pictures.

Urfi Javed was also seen in the OTT version of the reality show Bigg Boss. Apart from this show, Urfi got tremendous popularity on social media due to her unusual fashion. She dominates social media due to her looks. Once Urfi has created a ruckus on social media with her latest bold look. In these pictures, Urfi is wearing a lot of revealing clothes. She is seen wearing a multi color bikini, Urfi has covered herself with her hands in the latest photos.

On social media, users are not able to understand the fashion and style after seeing this unusual dress of Urfi, but are trolling the actress badly.

Urfi Javed is seen giving a very bold pose in this picture. After seeing the new Atrangi dress, people’s mouth has been left wide open.

However, some users have described this style of Urfi as daring and have also praised it fiercely. At the same time, trolls are making fun of Urfi Javed.

The actress is getting advice to wear clothes in the name of fashion. Last time Urfi Javed was seen wearing a cassette reel dress, which also created a lot of ruckus.

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