Urfi Javed Look: TV actress and social media influencer Urfi Javed is known for her fashion sense and bold style. Urfi keeps sharing pictures and videos of her looks on social media where many people praise her boldness while many people troll her too. Sometimes Urfi makes a dress of safety pins and sometimes she is seen in front of the camera by wrapping plastic foil. Urfi has recently shared a new video in which it is very difficult to understand what she is wearing. Wearing a sexy bikini, Urfi has made a bold video by tying her feet. Let’s know more about it..

Urfi wore such a thing that it was difficult to move

In this video of her, Urfi is wearing a black bikini. Even after bikini, people’s attention is not on her but on Urfi’s feet. Urfi has wrapped a strange blue cloth on her feet, due to which Urfi Javed is not able to move even a step ahead. The tattoo under Urfi’s breasts is also visible in the video and her expressions are quite bold and sexy in the video.

Urfi made such a video by tying both the legs

As we just told you, Urfi has tied her legs with a blue cloth. Urfi has tied knots in the cloth for a long time and tied her feet with it. The cloth with which Urfi has tied the legs looks like balloons from a distance and from close it looks like a braided braid of a doll. Urfi has covered her feet but her underwear is visible.

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