Lucknow: In the Uttar Pradesh elections, the Congress had focused more on women. Other parties had also given opportunities to many women candidates, but most of them did not perform well. A candidate of Congress got only 1519 votes. Let us inform that the party had fielded Archana Gautam from Hastinapur assembly seat, but her performance was very disappointing and she lost the election.

Bikini girl ranked third

Dinesh Khatik of BJP has won the Hastinapur assembly seat, while Yogesh Verma of Samajwadi Party is at number two. Archana Gautam, popularly known as Bikini Girl, has got a total of 1519 votes. At the same time, Dinesh of BJP got 1 lakh 7 thousand 87 votes and Yogesh Verma of Samajwadi Party, who came second, got 1 lakh 275 votes.

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Bollywood entry took place in 2015

Archana Gautam has done BJMC course from IIMT, Meerut. He entered Bollywood in the year 2015. Apart from this, she has also worked in many TV-print commercials. Archana’s first Hindi film was ‘Great Grand Masti Thi’. After this she appeared in the film Haseena Parkar, Baraat Company, Junction Varanasi. Along with Hindi films, he has also worked in Telugu and Tamil films.

Also worked in music videos

Archana, who was unsuccessful in politics, has also worked in many music videos. However, his film career was a flop. She could not make her mark in the industry. Archana Gautam is a resident of Meerut, UP. He was born on 1st September 1995. After acting, Archana decided to enter politics and in November last year she joined Congress.