Often when people go for a trip to friends, they forget everything and focus only on having fun. But doing any work without thinking often brings trouble. People jokingly forget that what will be the effect of any of their actions. The same was recently seen with two women who started jumping from a height with the help of rope (Women jumping from cliff video).

Weird videos are often posted on the Twitter account @LockerRoomLOL. Recently a video has been shared on this account in which two women (bikini clad woman fall video) are seen at a picnic spot. Now if there is a picnic spot, then people play there a lot, just in that mess, trouble comes on them.

Accident happened with bikini-clad women
The same happened with these two women as well. Both the bikini-clad women are seen near a pond where there is a high stone mound. She is standing holding a rope on him. Both of them swing in the air holding the same rope together, but suddenly one’s hand is released from the rope and she falls straight down. Thankfully it didn’t hit the stone which was only a few inches away from it. If she had accidentally fallen on the stone, her life would surely have been lost.

People reacted to the video
This video has got more than 21 thousand views and many people have reacted by commenting. One said that people standing around women are seen laughing but it is not funny from anywhere. It is a good thing that after some time the woman will start feeling pain. One said that she was lucky that nothing happened to her. One person said that this video is proof that one should never trust one’s best friend completely. One said that people should enjoy but safety is more important.

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