Actress Turns Bold: Many heroines became a hit overnight by playing the role of TV’s cultured daughter-in-law. In these serials, the heroines did all those things to become the perfect daughter-in-law, which is rarely seen in real life. But now this cultured daughter-in-law has shown such a bold look by taking off her cloak of decency that the photos are creating panic on the internet. In these photos, the actress was seen posing in a bikini and sometimes she was seen liplocking her husband. The special thing is that these photos have been shared by the actress on her official Instagram, which are becoming increasingly viral.

flaunt body in bikini

This actress is none other than Shiney, the actress who played the role of Dhara in ‘Pandya Store’. Shiny Doshi has shared a throwback photo on social media. In which she is seen posing killer on the camera wearing a printed bikini of purple color.

kia liplock

Apart from this, Dhara has shared another photo on social media. In this photo, the actress was seen openly liplocking with her husband. In this photo, Dhara was seen wearing a revealing dress, while her husband was seen in a shirtless look. Dhara shared the photo of this liplock on her official Instagram, which is going viral on sight.

bold enough

This is not the first time that Dhara has shared such a bold photo on the official Instagram for the first time. Even before this, this cultured daughter-in-law of TV has shared photos of bikini to revealing dress many times, breaking her image. Let us tell you, Shiney Doshi plays the elder daughter-in-law of the house in the serial ‘Pandya Store’. It is shown that Dhara does not have children and she wants to become a mother.

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