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Lifestyle Desk. Before traveling, every woman prepares for what she should wear so that she looks different and beautiful. Leaving the celebs, even today women like to keep themselves in full clothes before leaving the house. But recently a video is becoming viral on social media in which a woman reached the airport in a bikini.

In the video, the woman is seen wearing a green bikini. He is also wearing a mask on his face. People are looking at him, but the woman is leaving with great ease looking at her ticket. She is seen walking at the airport with a bag hanging on her shoulder. She is feeling very comfortable in herself. According to media reports, the woman is going to catch the flight. During this, someone made a video of him and made it viral.

You should not be allowed to sit on the flight in such clothes.

The video is being told of Miami Airport in America. This video has been shared on Instagram account named Humans of Spirit Airlines. People are giving different types of reaction after watching this video. One user wrote, ‘At least wore a mask.’ At the same time, one wrote, ‘When you have a pool party in the afternoon and have to catch a flight at 4 pm’. One wrote, ‘Forgot to wear clothes in order to catch the flight.’ Some said that in such clothes she should not be allowed to sit on the flight.

Spirit Airlines called the video fake

At the same time, Spirit Airlines of America called the viral video fake. He said it was unverified. It could have been filmed anywhere. What is the truth of this video is not yet known and neither is it about the woman.

Due to the trend, people have started wearing anything.

Whatever be the truth of the video, but due to the trend, people do strange things. There are many celebs who are seen in very little clothes at the airport. In which there is also a name of Urfi Javed. Urfi, who has become an internet sensation, is spotted at the airport every day. During this, she is seen in strange outfits.

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