Whenever people go to visit another city, they like to see and live the culture there. Along with this, they like to connect with the local people as well, but in doing so, it is important to pay attention to these things that no such work should be done which will insult those local people. Recently, a social media influencer from Australia did such an act in another country that people started trolling her. She had come to meet the children in the orphanage, but she made such a choice of clothes that people were stunned to see.

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According to the report of the Daily Star News website, Australian social media influencer Kelsey Foster went to Bali, Indonesia for a holiday with her husband. She has shared many pictures related to this trip on her Facebook account, in which her glamorous avatar is being seen. But she made a mistake in that Muslim country after which she started getting trolled.

In fact, Kelsey took some time off her vacation to visit an orphanage. Writing a post on Facebook, he told that he wanted to go to the orphanage and meet the children. She had taken rice, eggs, oil and noodles with her which she donated to the orphanage. She told that with the amount of food she had taken, the children would eat for many days. To go to the orphanage, he chose very bold clothes, which looked fine for roaming around, but were not suitable at all for a place like an orphanage.

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After this people trolled the woman fiercely. Someone wrote on his post that it is wrong to go to an orphanage wearing such clothes, he should be ashamed! One said that the woman should respect the people of Indonesia. After this, Kelsey, while talking to a website called Coconuts Bali, said that her clothes do not describe her character. She said that even though people are trolling her and saying objectionable things, she will not stop helping others by being bothered by these things.