The desire to wear a bikini on honeymoon will not remain incomplete, there are some places in the world where you can wear such clothes!

You must have seen many women in foreign countries wearing bikinis, either walking on the streets or on the beach. Seeing them, sometimes we also feel like wearing such clothes, but there are many countries where wearing such clothes is not allowed at all. Well, if you have a desire to wear a bikini, then Goa, a beautiful place in India, can fulfill that desire. But if you are going abroad to wear a bikini, then first know about the places where such clothes are not worn. Yes, there are many places where bikini is not worn.

Barcelona and Mallorca, Spain

The city of Barcelona in Spain is a very beautiful place, it sees huge crowds of tourists every year, but in 2011 Barcelona and Mallorca banned the wearing of bikinis on the streets, leaving it only in the middle and surrounding streets. If caught wearing a two piece, a fine of Rs 39,753 will be imposed.

between the United Arab Emirates

You might not be surprised to see the name of the United Arab Emirates, which also bans bikinis and shots in this country. Ras al-Khaimah state banned swimwear for both men and women on its beaches in 2013. Although there is no such restriction on the beach, about 95 km from Dubai, although many authorities insist on not wearing such clothes on every beach here.

Hvar, Croatia

Hvar is known as one of the best island destinations for celebrities and the wealthy, but the mayor says every visitor to the city should dress decently when walking the city’s streets. Not only this, except for eating and drinking in public, tourists are not allowed to roam the streets in swimwear or shirtless. If you are found wearing such clothes, you can be fined Rs 47,704. After seeing so much money you might be saying save money and enjoy traveling by wearing nice clothes.

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