A former assistant female professor at Kolkata’s prestigious St. Xavier’s University has alleged that she was forced to resign following a complaint from a parent. The professor alleges that a first-year graduating first year student was seeing pictures of her in a bikini on Instagram last year. When his father saw him doing this, he complained to the Vice-Chancellor and other officials in the university. After this the university forced him to resign. However, the university has denied any such thing as binding.

In the written complaint, the parents said they had caught their son looking at photographs of a university professor that showed “objectionable”, “vulgar” and “nudity”.

When someone shared that letter on social media, the matter got exposed. The letter read, “Recently I was shocked to see my son looking at some photographs of the Professor, where he was seen deliberately making obscene displays in public. To see a teacher in her undergarments uploading pictures on social media is extremely embarrassing for me as a parent. I have tried to save my son from being seen as an object of such gross indecency and consumption of the female body. It is an obscene, bad and unfair act for an 18-year-old student to see his professor like this.”

Female professor said – someone hacked Instagram

The female professor had said in her defense that someone hacked her Instagram and took out her personal pictures and leaked them and made them viral. He also says that he was not given any information about how his pictures were found. The university had asked him to resign by giving him a letter from his parents and some photographs.

According to media sources, in this case, the university administration denied that the woman professor was forced to resign. He says he has voluntarily resigned. There was no pressure on them.