Many techniques are taught to marketers to sell their goods. They try to adopt such ideas, which will attract customers towards them. Whether the vegetable seller has to invite people to him in a unique way or to set up a cell. Everything is part of marketing. Taking marketing techniques four steps forward, a fish market in Thailand adopted a unique idea. To sell fish in the fish market here, big tanks were set up in front of the shop. But instead of fish, girls were found (Models Sitting In Fish Tank).

Arowana Mall’s grand opening was held in Chatuchak Market, Thailand in the past. Thousands of people gathered in it. No,. These people did not come to visit the mall. Actually, in a fish shop built in this mall, people came here because of the idea that the shopkeeper adopted to increase the sale. This shopkeeper had made the girls sit in a water tank outside his shop wearing a bikini. A crowd had gathered just to see these girls.

models in fish tank
already announced
This fish store in Bangkok adopted this idea to attract customers. Before the grand opening of the store, he had announced the talk of the girls in the tank. Only after this announcement a crowd of people had gathered there. A video of the opening of this shop was shared on social media, which immediately went viral. This 26-second video has been viewed more than 80 lakh times. In this, bikini-clad girls were seen calling customers to buy fish inside the tank.

people told beautiful
This video that went viral has been viewed millions of times. Along with this, many people also commented on it. One user wrote that these fish are really beautiful. The video was uploaded on July 20. Along with eighty lakh views, more than twenty thousand likes have also come on it. According to the website of Arowana Mall, they have the largest fishing farm in Malaysia. This company supplies fish to many countries. It also includes South Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Australia and Canada.

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