It cannot be denied that Kareena Kapoor Khan Considered to be the biggest trendsetter of the Bollywood industry. This is because he has never been seen following the rules regarding fashion. He has not only always dressed as per his wish, but has also set such trends in his films, which are still a hit. However, in the race to look stylish, not only Bebo but her mother-in-law Sharmila Tagore was also two steps ahead of her.

Actually, as much as Sharmila was in the discussion about her films, she also got limelight about her personal life. She has always been considered an actress far ahead of her times. This is because when most of the beauties preferred to come on screen wearing elegant clothes, then Kareena’s mother-in-law had crossed all limits to look bold. Her move not only created a ruckus in the B-Town corridor, but the actress had to hold a meeting in the Parliament House. (All photos – Indiatimes)

Became the first bikini girl

Actually, this whole story is from the year 1996, when Sharmila Tagore, who ruled the hearts of fans, was known for her calm nature. However, the biggest reason behind this is because she was seen in a very simple style in each of her films. In such a situation, when she got her photoshoot done in bikini and swimsuit for her movie ‘An Evening in Paris’, everyone was surprised.

Just before the release of the film, Sharmila was seen posing in a bikini for the cover page of the August issue of Filmfare magazine, after which the controversy escalated to such an extent that the issue was raised in Parliament as well.

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Removed clothes from purse and got photoshoot done

It is said that when Sharmila reached the studio for the photoshoot, the then famous photographer Dhiren Chavda asked the actress ‘what is she going to wear during the shoot?’ Then Sharmila took out a two-piece of black color from her purse and said that ‘I will get a photoshoot done in it.’ Sharmila became the first actress in the country, who appeared in a bikini on the cover of a magazine. Yes, that thing is different that this photoshoot did not get good response at all.

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Hoardings removed due to fear of mother-in-law

This photoshoot of Sharmila Tagore became so viral that huge billboards were put up everywhere in Mumbai posing in her bikini. In such a situation, when Sharmila Tagore came to know that Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi’s mother was coming to Mumbai to meet her, the actress called the producers of the film and asked them to remove her bikini posters from everywhere in Mumbai.

This is because she absolutely did not want that their relationship should be spoiled at all because of her move. However, in this matter he got the full support of Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi.

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Had to listen to people’s taunts

In the live session of the Ladies Study Group of the Indian Chambers of Commerce, when Sharmila was asked a question related to this photoshoot, she said, ‘Oh my God! Our society was very conservative at that time. I have no idea why I did this? While some people taunted me, others accused me of getting cheap limelight. I hate this the most. At that time I was young and wanted to do something new and exciting. But I understood one thing during this time that if you are a public figure, then you have some responsibilities.

You have to understand who your audience is. What does he want from you? I learned from this incident that people are attracted towards glamour, but they have no respect for it. I wanted to be respected, so I slowly started changing my image. I also played the role of mother in the film Aradhana, after which my popularity increased as before.

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