Monalisa Hottest Bikini Photo: There are many such stars of Bhojpuri cinema, whose popularity is not less than any Bollywood star. The beauties of Bhojpuri industry are too bold and keep injuring people with their pictures and videos on social media. One such actress is also Monalisa. Monalisa is also very active on Instagram and some time ago this Bhojpuri beauty has posted a very bold and hot picture on her Instagram account. In this photo, Monalisa is standing early in the morning wearing a bikini and in the photo…

Bhojpuri star Monalisa created panic early in the morning!

As we just told you, Monalisa has posted a new picture on social media in which the actress is flaunting her body in a black bikini. It is early morning in this photo and the sun is shining on them. Monalisa is in a hilly area and the view behind her in the picture is also looking very beautiful.

Wearing a hot bikini, the actress…

In this photo, Monalisa is wearing a black hot bikini (Monalisa in Bikini) and she is showing her back to the camera, that is, she has given a back pose in this photo. Because of the sunlight, Monalisa’s body is not clearly visible, but it is definitely visible that the upper part of Monalisa’s bikini is supported by a thin string whose knot is visible in the photo.

Monalisa is lying on a glass door in the photo and half of her face is visible. This Bhojpuri superstar has written ‘Kissed by the Sun’ in the caption of his photo.

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