Ayodhya News: The matter of Priyanka Gandhi’s bikini statement on the hijab controversy is gaining momentum. The Sant Samaj of Ayodhya has raised a lot of objections regarding this. He says that the manner in which Priyanka Gandhi is doing politics regarding Vidya’s temple is unfortunate. Such an atmosphere is being created by spreading religious hysteria in the country, which needs to be careful. Sant Samaj says that the level of Congress has fallen so much that they are talking about girls going to school wearing bikinis. They should get their treatment. Children cannot be treated step-motherly. The Congress party has an anti-Indian ideology, which we condemn.

Sant Samaj objected to Priyanka Gandhi’s statement

Mahant Raju Das of Hanumangarhi said that Priyanka Gandhi’s statement is unfortunate. He said that if girls want to go around in skirts, go around in bikini, we do not oppose it, but the way people are doing politics in Vidya’s temple, it is unfortunate. There should not be such a ruckus and controversy over the hijab. All the children should follow the rules in the temple of education in a constitutional way. There is a need to be careful about the way an atmosphere is being created in the whole country by spreading any religious frenzy. Mahant Raju Das said that Priyanka Gandhi, you should not bake your political loaves on this issue.

Congress’s ideology is anti-Indian culture – Paramhans Acharya

On the other hand, Saint Paramhans Acharya of Tapasvi Cantonment said that the uniform which is there in the school, irrespective of any religion or religion, all the children will go wearing the uniform. Congress party is working to spoil Indian culture. Condemning Priyanka’s statement, he asked whether the girls would wear bikinis to study in school, the level of Congress has fallen so much. Schools are the temple of education, whether children of any religion or religion will wear the same uniform in school. It is not that someone will go wearing a bikini and someone will wear a hijab. All students will have to follow the school uniform.

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