A female professor of St. Xavier’s University in Kolkata was forced to resign due to some bikini pictures of her. The professor shared these pictures on Instagram. This case is from last year. The woman professor told that in October last year, a ‘kangaroo court’ was called by the institute regarding this matter, where she felt shame, fear, hatred.

The woman professor alleges that she was humiliated in a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor and others. He said, ‘It was a trial of sorts where I was questioned and my private Instagram pictures were said to be fake. During this time I was not only taught moral lessons but also pressured to resign.

The professor claims he was forced to drop out of college after a child’s parents complained about their son seeing pictures of them in bikinis on Instagram. He told that the father of the first year male undergraduate student had written the complaint letter. In this, he said that he caught his son looking at vulgar pictures of a university professor. He told that on the basis of this letter, the university administration had taken action against him.

Embarrassing to upload pictures in undergarments

This complaint-filled letter written by the parents surfaced through social media. It read, ‘Recently I caught my son looking at some pictures of Professor who was a Vulgar. It is shameful for a teacher to upload pictures in her undergarments on social media. It is an embarrassment for me as a parent too.

At the same time, the university administration has been denying the allegations of pressurizing the female professor. Now a defamation notice of Rs 99 crore has been issued against that professor by the university authorities. The professor has spoken of going to the court against this defamation notice.

He says that under no circumstances can a student access the pictures he posted on Instagram two months before joining the university. He said that I do not know how those people got those pictures.

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