Party With Bikini Girls in Subway Train In New York

Party inside the train&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspTwitter


  • Shocking video surfaced from New York

  • Dhansu party inside the subway train

  • people were shocked to see the video

Party in Train: Thousands of videos are shared daily on social media. These include videos ranging from funny to shocking. But, sometimes such videos are also seen, which are difficult to believe. A similar video has surfaced from New York City, America, which people were surprised to see. Not only this, people are also sleeping a lot due to this incident. Because, after drinking alcohol in the train, people are partying fiercely with bikini girls.

In the viral video, you can see that a large number of people are traveling inside the subway train. But, there is a lot of partying inside the train. People passing each other, drinking alcohol and dancing with bikini girls. Whereas, drinking alcohol is banned inside the train. But, people were seen flouting the rules. By watching the video you can guess that no one cares about them. Watch video…

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Dhansu party inside the train

The information about why this party was happening inside the train has not been revealed. But, the matter is covered on social media. This video (Shcoking Video) has been shared on Twitter with the name ‘@_mikefromqueens’. The video has been viewed by more than eight lakh people. At the same time, people are expressing their displeasure after watching this video. Whereas, some people are telling this disgusting. Whereas, some people also say that it will spread monkeypox. At present, this matter remains a matter of discussion and it is also being investigated.

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