The former assistant professor of St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata, has accused the college administration of pressurizing it to design. She claims she was forced to drop out of college after a child’s parents complained about their son seeing pictures of them in bikinis on Instagram.

According to media reports, the former assistant professor told that the father of the first year male undergraduate student had written a complaint letter. In this, he said that he caught his son looking at vulgar pictures of a university professor. He told that on the basis of this letter, the university administration took action against him.

‘Shameful uploading pictures in undergarments’

This complaint-filled letter written by the parents has surfaced through social media. According to this, ‘Recently I caught my son looking at some pictures of the professor, who was a vlogger. It is shameful for a teacher to upload pictures in her undergarments on social media. It is an embarrassment for me as a parent too.

‘How did they get the pictures from the private Instagram account?’

This case is from last year which has come to the fore now. The former assistant professor said that after this complaint, a meeting of the Vice-Chancellor of St. Xavier and other university authorities was held. During this, he was shown the complaint letter. He was also given some papers, on which were some pictures of his private Instagram account. He said that I do not know how those people got those pictures and whether these pictures were said to be objectionable.

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