This is bhojpuri film industry The pair of many superstars has been famous in the hands of bold and bold actresses, but Dinesh lal yadav aka nirhua And Pakhi Hegde The pair is considered number one in all of them. In whichever film the pair of both appeared, everyone has created a ruckus. People started liking their chemistry so much that at one point the news of their relationship started coming. nirhua And Pakhi Hegde, was silent on this. however nirhua Married to Mansha Devi.

Pakhi pulled Nirhua's lungi in the rain
Wearing a bikini, Pakhi Hegde pulled Nirhua’s lungi in the rain

in 2014 nirhua And Pakhi Hegde There was a film of-I gave my heart to you, songs from this movie nirhua And a song by Pakhithe matter of the heart‘ But there is a tremendous question on the Internet and Pakhi is biting nirhua Looks like trouble. the song begins, nirhua If you are seen in red vest and blue lungi then her heroine Pakhi Hegde She is also wearing a white shirt with a blue lungi.

Oops moments of the actress…

To woo and bring the hero closer as soon as the song starts Pakhi Hegde Opening her shirt, she starts showing red bikini and whenever so on nirhua If they do not melt, then the heroine also takes off her lungi. Between the song and the dance it starts raining and Pakhi Hegde The romance inside reaches a climax and he nirhua The lungi also pulls to open. This song has got tremendous views on YouTube and people are very much liking their chemistry. tell that Pakhi Hegde has bhojpuri movie Apart from this, he has also worked in Marathi and Telugu films.