Bollywood’s beautiful dancer and actress Nora Fatehi She keeps on posting her hot pictures on social media. In such a situation, his fans are also very crazy to see his new pictures. His photos and videos make everyone’s heart beat. Nora Fatehi The latest video of her is becoming quite viral on social media, which she herself has shared on her Instagram handle, seeing that her fans have become crazy about her. In this video Nora Fatehi A very bold look is seen in the bralette. She is dancing in a kayak in this look.

Fans were surprised to see the bold video
Nora Fatehi rocked the beach wearing a bikini

Nora Fatehi Wearing a bikini, she is taking a leap in the beach. Nora Fatehi In Hindi language, this video has a ‘vibe’ and fans are enjoying seeing him in this style. Jhalak Dikhhlaja’s judge and best dancer Nora Fatehi There is a lot on social media at this time. He has shared his latest hot video. it is being told that Nora Fatehi She was getting very sad remembering her old days, after which she shared this video on social media. In which she is spending her fun moments with her friends.

Nora Fatehi rocked the beach wearing a bikini

Nora Fatehi rocked the beach wearing a bikini

Nora Fatehi There are many moments worth watching in this video, while he has also jumped in the sea in this video. Seeing this, the heartbeat of his friends also stopped. later in the video Nora Fatehi She is standing on the side of her yacht in a bikini and she is telling her friends that I am going to jump in the ocean. in a while Nora Fatehi Beach jumps into the sea and behind her all her friends also jump into the sea.

Nora Fatehi’s killer vibe on the beach

Nora Fatehi's killer vibe on the beach

From TV shows to movies, she is flaunting her glamor Nora Fatehi On social media too, there is a lot of panic about her boldness. The actress has posted this throwback video on her Instagram, in which she is looking very hot and sexy. Seeing this video of her on the internet, people were surprised and commented on her hotness.