Models In Bus In Bikini: Many times it happens when there is a ruckus among the passengers regarding some matter during the journey. But sometimes the passenger and the driver clash. But imagine what will happen if someone gets on a bus wearing a bikini. A similar case has come to light from America. Here in a passenger bus, two models were forced to wear bikinis and they created a ruckus inside.

Suddenly two models gave their hands
Actually, this incident is from the American city of California. According to media reports, a passenger bus was going on the road, when suddenly two models gave their hands, then the bus driver first stopped the bus comfortably. After this, when the bus reached closer, everyone was surprised. Both these models were wearing only innerwear and that too was equal to bikini.

Stopped the bus and sat down forcefully!
According to reports, the driver of that bus was also a woman. The driver first refused to sit but both of them stopped the bus and sat down forcefully. After this, when she boarded the bus, there was an altercation with the first driver, after which the passengers also created a ruckus. Some passengers stopped the bus and made up their mind to get off it, while some passengers sat silently.

A picture of these two models is going viral on social media in which they are standing next to the driver. However, it is being told that both of them got down at the next station. After this the bus went to its destination.

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