London: Phoebe Thompson, 31, shared a glamorous picture of herself on Instagram on Monday. His intention was noble but some online users started trolling him. Phoebe Thompson tears up after being roasted online.

Phoebe Thompson is a Sydney influencer and model. She has also been a star of the reality show Love Island. She uploaded pictures posing in a bikini on Monday. Actually Phoebe wants to raise money for the Australian flood crisis. So after posting the photos, she asked her followers to subscribe to her adult website so she could donate money to the flood disaster that has devastated both Queensland and NSW.

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crying video posted
After this, Phoebe shared another video on Tuesday. In this, she was seen crying. He told that many people online calling him ‘tone-deaf’. That is, they do not even know what to say and do on which issue. One user complained in a direct message, ‘So in other words you want to help but you also want to take care and earn money through this.

Thompson said in the clip, ‘It made me so upset, that I started crying. I was really trying to do the right thing. ‘I have friends and family in Queensland who are suffering from these floods.’

American model Kylen Ward also did this
It was really nice while posting the pictures, Phoebe said. She said that she is emotionally tired of social media. Thompson later compared the backlash to the treatment meted out to American model Kylen Ward. Kylen Ward posted nude photos in 2020 to raise funds for The Aussie. He later faced criticism. But Ward eventually raised $500,000 for the disaster.

Eight people have died in Australia and hundreds have been rescued from floodwaters that have damaged at least 19,000 homes and ravaged Queensland and NSW for days. The Brisbane, Logan, Bremer and Mary rivers and Worrill Creek have suffered major flooding after torrential rains over the past week.

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