Only those who have an image of their body can understand how long it takes to break it down. Anshula Kapoor has been undergoing drastic changes in her body since the last few months. She told that during this time she is slowly learning to appraise herself. Breaking the body barrier, 31-year-old Anshula Kapoor shared her bikini look on social media, hinting at body positivity.

Anshula Kapoor’s royal blue bikini on her body looks very cute. But what is making the picture priceless is its caption. At the same time, this picture is seen boosting women from empowerment to self-confidence a lot.

3 months ago, Anshula opposed the bikini idea after wearing her friend’s swimming costume, saying that “I can never be confident and comfortable about wearing a bikini.”

At the same time, her friend advised Anshula to wear a bikini and asked what is the problem in wearing a bikini. They wonder why Anshula is so hesitant.

Anshula Kapoor says that “I always wanted to hide my body”. Image Shutterstock.

Anshula Kapoor says “I always wanted to hide my body”

Anshula Kapoor, daughter of film producer Boney Kapoor and sister of Arjun Kapoor, says, “I have always felt that in order to wear certain clothes, the body should also be according to that cloth. At the same time, I did not want to hide my body and let my body come in front of people.

But slowly she is learning to change her view. Anshula Kapoor has decided to move towards a healthier lifestyle. She is building up her confidence in herself. She is taking the help of diet and exercise for her fitness and weight loss transformation.

Recently, during a holiday, Anshula changed her mind in a bikini and even posted this photo on social media! However, following what she had said the previous day, Anshula’s doing so could boost confidence in the minds of many.

The image of my body still remains in my mind. Anshula says, “I always convince myself that a ‘perfect’ picture is only on the Instagram feed. Actually this is not the case. I am learning to love my body right now. I want to adopt my body in every way whether it is slim or fat.

Stretch marks are normal – Anshula Kapoor

She shared her feelings about stretch marks and said, “It is okay to cover the body with stretch marks, cellulite and texture is normal. Whereas my FUPA will always remain a part of my body.

In case you didn’t already know it, FUPA stands for fat above the pubic area. Losing fat in this part of the body can be quite difficult. But with the right diet and proper exercise, it can be removed gradually.

happy rahen
Don’t forget to praise yourself. Image: Shutterstock

After all he is happy that he gave his body a new chance

Anshula says that this was one of my favorite days from the holidays. I felt confident, I felt a lot more confident about my skin. Now I am feeling joy instead of perfection. And I can’t wait to wear this bikini again.

Giving inspiration notes for others, she writes, “If you want to wear any kind of clothes, then feel free to wear clothes without worrying about the body. Also love your body enough.”

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