Kim Kardashian is one of the glamorous Hollywood actresses who has got to see an impact in creating a sensation on the internet with her bold looks. At the same time, who does not know her younger sister and actress Khloe Kardashian in today’s time, she always remains in the discussions due to some or the other thing. Not only this, she always keeps doing something new to make her fans happy. She also blows people’s senses with her hot looks. Last Saturday, both the sisters were seen rocking the beach wearing black bikini, whose photos have gone viral as soon as they came on the internet.

In the photos you can see that Kim and Chloe are seen twinning in black bikini and wreaking havoc on their hot look in the sea water. She is completing this look with open hair and black shades on her face and is flaunting her toned body in bikini.

The Kardashian sisters are seen posing in front of the camera while playing with water. Fans are very fond of this hot avatar of both the sisters.

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