DNA Hindi: Italy’s World Championship medalist and Olympic swimmer Linda Cerruti has slammed her critics for taking pictures of her medal in a bikini. Linda has reprimanded the trollers fiercely on her post. He said that it is sad to see that even in today’s era people are not looking at the achievements of a woman but her body. He has also shared the post of some comments of the trollers and told them a lot.

The picture was put by hanging the medal in the feet
In fact, a few days ago, Linda had put a picture of the beach in which she was in a bikini and she hung her medals won in many competitions. Some people liked this style of his and some even trolled him. He has targeted similar trollers who made obscene comments in his post.

He wrote that thousands of people have made wrong and obscene comments on his picture and he is very disappointed to see it. In a long post, he wrote while narrating the critics. That it is sad to see that some people have not seen my achievements but only my body. Such people are making wrong comments on me.

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Referred to his struggle and hard work as a swimmer
Linda said that it is shameful to see obscene comments made on me. He wrote, ‘Some people have made obscene remarks on me and some have only targeted my body. It is sad for me to see all this and I feel very hurt.’

Some people were trolling about this picture

He also wrote that he has worked very hard to get all these medals. Because of this, he shared this picture with a very difficult pose with the intention of celebrating these achievements. Linda said that some people did not appreciate these achievements but instead targeted her body and it was sad to see.

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Won medals in all competitions including World Championships
Linda Cerutti is a 28-year-old Italian swimmer. Till now he has won medals in many competitions of the world. A total of eight medals (six silver and two bronze) were won at the European Aquatics Championships. Apart from this, he has also participated in Rio and Tokyo Olympics.

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