Italy Ban Bikini in These Area: Traveling abroad wearing a bikini is not a new and shocking thing. This is common in foreign countries. You will often see women in bikini on the beach. People who like bikini culture often cite this openness in India too, but a news related to bikini has come out from a famous tourist place abroad which is surprising. According to the report, wearing a bikini has been banned on two coastal areas of Italy. A fine of more than 40 thousand rupees will also be charged for breaking this rule.

Mayor ordered for these 2 areas

According to the report of ‘Daily Mail’, the mayor of Italy has passed a special order for the coastal areas of Pompeii and Naples. Under this, now it will be forbidden to roam the streets here wearing bikini, shirtless or wearing less clothes. If anyone is found violating this, then action will be taken against him. Under this action, a fixed fine will be imposed on him.

That’s why the need for this law arose

Actually, people living along the beach were constantly complaining to the government. He said that people coming to the tourist place wear less clothes and also come on the road. Not only this, they also seem to be doing wrong things. This causes problems for other people, they feel uncomfortable seeing their actions.

Tourists have been warned

The Mayor showed seriousness to the complaints received from the people and passed an order saying that if anyone is found violating this order i.e. in indecent behavior in less clothes, then a fine of 425 pounds (more than 40 thousand rupees) will be imposed on him. Fines may be imposed. Police officers will patrol the road to check whether the rules are being followed or not.

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