New Delhi. At present in Iran, a large number of women are on the streets against the hijab. While women are performing tremendously, the government is also aggressive against them. The action of the Islamic government of the country is being fiercely criticized on social media and in Western countries. However, Iran has not always been like this. The country used to have a very open atmosphere before the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Iran was influenced by western countries and there were close relations of European countries with the dynasty there.

The effect of relations with Western countries was also visible on the Shah family of Iran. This is the reason that most of the pictures of the last king of the country i.e. Shah Mahmud Raza Pahlavi are seen in court-pants and tie. Rani Soraya Bakhtiyari, the second wife of Raza Pahlavi with a completely western outlook, is counted among the most beautiful queens of the country.

Soraya was married to Shah Mehmood in the year 1951. The marriage of both lasted only seven years and got divorced in 1958. Soraya spent his further life in France. After the divorce, Soraya had an affair with Italian film director Franco Indovina.

The marriage lasted only a few years but till now there is discussion
Well, even though Soraya’s marriage lasted for a few years, their discussions are still heard in Iran. The very beautiful Soraya was a free-thinking woman whose pictures smoking cigarettes will be easily found on the Internet. Her stature in the royal dynasty can be gauged from the fact that many times when she used to put cigarette with her lips, Mahmud Shah Pahlavi himself used to light a cigarette with a lighter.

He got this free thought of Soraya from his upbringing. She was the daughter of Iranian diplomat Khalil Bakhtiyari. Khalil was Iran’s ambassador to West Germany in the 1950s. Soraya’s mother was a German citizen of Russian origin. Shah met Soraya in 1948 after his divorce from his first marriage.

Stalin and the US President sent gifts at the wedding
Shah liked Soraya. At that time Soraya was studying English language in London. Soon both of them got married in which famous leaders of the world had sent gifts. These leaders included from the US President to Joseph Stalin.

After marriage, Soraya took charge of the charity department associated with the royal dynasty. But he did not get love from the royal family. But the discussions about Soraya’s beauty were such that wherever she went with Shah, photographers surrounded her.

Shah and Soraya’s marriage did not last long. There was also a reason behind this that Soraya could not become a mother. Shah wanted him to get married again. At the same time, the radical society of Iran did not like Soraya. Once her pictures published in a bikini created an uproar.

Worked in films after divorce, had many affairs
After her divorce from Shah, Soraya also acted in a few films. She was to be given a lead role in a film on Russia’s greatest Empress Catherine the Great. However this project could not start. In 1965, his film I The Three Faces. In films, he used only his first name i.e. Soraya.

After the divorce, Soraya had affairs with several film personalities, including directors Maximilian Shela and Franco Indovina. Apart from this, he also had an affair with businessman Gunter Shas for some time. After the death of Franco Indovina in 1991, Soraya became a victim of depression.

died in the apartment
In his last years, Soraya stopped participating in any party or public function. Soraya died in his apartment in Paris on 26 October 2001. It can be called a coincidence that on this day was the 82nd birth anniversary of Shah Raza Pahlavi. After Soraya’s death, his younger brother Bijan had said in great sadness – now I have no one left to talk to. Exactly a week later, Bijan also died. A media report also indicated that Soraya and his brother had been murdered. However, no concrete evidence was given in this report.

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