Dhol Meena, a tribal woman across seven seas, became famous all over the country.
Dosa’s Dholi Meena goes to the vegetable market of Europe wearing yellow pulp.
Dholi Meena is the wife of IFS, also wore yellow robes to foreign women.

Jaipur/Dausa. About two months ago, a video went viral on social media in which a woman embracing Indian culture was seen wearing traditional clothes on a beach in Europe. The special thing is that the other girls present on the beach were in bikinis. The name of the woman seen in this is Dholi Meena, who lives in Malta, Europe with her husband, Indian Foreign Service officer Lokesh Meena.

Lokesh Meena, posted in the Indian Embassy in Europe, stays away from the limelight, but his wife is immersed in Indian culture and Rajasthani tradition. She puts videos related to Rajasthani culture on Instagram, which is now famous all over the country. Although the name of this famous woman is Nirma Meena, but she is known as Dholi Meena in the house and she has also made an ID on Instagram in the name of Dholi Meena.

Dholi, who is considered to be the viral ‘Kaki on Beach’, has posted 203 posts so far and has 11 thousand 600 followers. Dholi Meena did not know English before, so it was a big problem for her to stay abroad and buy something from the market. But, gradually Dholi Meena became expert in English and now she easily goes shopping in the market. In London’s vegetable market, they buy vegetables wearing yellow pulp in Rajasthani style.

On the one hand, where girls are present in small clothes on the beach, while Dhauli Meena lives in traditional dress, then Dhauli also becomes the center of attraction. The only word that comes out of the mouth of foreign women is “You are so beautiful”. Not only this, foreign women also take selfies with Dholi. Dholi Meena lives in Europe across the seven seas, but even today celebrates Indian and Rajasthani festivals with traditional customs. Dal-Bati, the main food of Rajasthan, is also prepared in Europe.

Dholi Meena’s video made on the beach of Malta was quite famous and got 100 million views. Dholi Meena has now also made the women of Europe friends. Nyaksha, a Maldivian woman currently working in a company, is also Dholi’s friend, she also wears Rajasthani lugari inspired by Dholi Meena.

Talking about Dholi Meena, who became famous by living abroad, she hails from Nimali village in Dausa district of Rajasthan. She was married to Lokesh Meena, an Indian Foreign Service officer in the year 2006. After marriage, Dholi Meena’s life changed and she left the village and reached abroad for the first time in 2010 when her husband was posted at the Indian High Commission in Zambia, Africa. Here Dholi Meena lived with her husband till 2014. Then IFS Lokesh Meena was transferred to the Indian Embassy in Washington DC, USA, after which both the husband and wife lived in Washington, USA from 2014 to 2019. After this, in July 2021, he was transferred to the Indian High Commission in Malta, Europe and since then he has been in Malta.

Be it Africa, America or Europe, one thing was common everywhere that Dholi Meena never forgot Indian culture amidst the glare of modernity. Whether it is the seaside or vegetable market on foreign soil or the White House in Washington DC, everywhere Dholi Meena not only roamed in her traditional dress Ghagra-Lugdi but also used to photograph and make reels. Due to this style, Dholi Meena became viral and became famous all over the country.

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