Television actress and model Anjum Fakih is celebrating her birthday today. Anjum Fakih started her career as a model before acting in television shows and she still does modeling today. Anjum Fakih is one of the hottest, sexy and bold actresses in the television world. Anjum Fakih often shares her hot and sexy photos with all her fans on her social media account. Apart from this, Anjum Fakih also remains in the news a lot about her boldness and hotness.

After working in serials like Anjum Fakih Tere Shahar Mein, Devanshi and Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, she is currently seen in Kundali Bhagya. Anjum has both wealth and fame today, but he had to face a lot to reach this point. Sometimes I had to work as a sales girl and sometimes there was no money in my pocket for food. Anjum, who belongs to a conservative Muslim family, has also been a victim of the family’s indifference many times. Anjum Fakih is a resident of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. The family was against television due to which Anjum never watched television until he was 14-15 years old. On insisting a lot, his father brought television, but angry with this, Anjum’s grandfather distanced himself from the house.

In one of his interviews, Anjum told that his family was very conservative. His father was strictly against the glamor world, so when he talked about making a career in modeling and acting, there was an earthquake in the house. To make a career in the glamor industry by going to Mumbai, the family made a condition that if you want to do all the same, then you will have to leave the house. Anjum also put aside his burqa, put some clothes in the suitcase and set out to give flight to his dreams. When he got his first modeling assignment, he told the family members. But as soon as the family members came to know that they would have to wear a bikini in this modeling project, they stopped talking to Anjum. As Anjum’s name grew in the television world, the family’s displeasure also diminished. Anjum says that seeing her in a salwar suit on television gives comfort to the family members.

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