Bikini Banned Countries: When going abroad to spend time, fashionable clothes are often worn. It is common for women to wear bikinis if the trip is to a sea beach. But there are some countries where there is a ban on wearing bikini or other clothes like this, so if you are also planning to visit these countries, then know where it is forbidden to wear bikini.


Barcelona of Spain is famous for its beauty, a large number of tourists come here. Wearing bikinis on the road is banned in Barcelona. If someone is seen wearing a bikini on the streets, he is fined more than 37 thousand. Although such a rule is for the roads, you can wear such clothes near the beach.

United Arab Emirates

It is not surprising if the name of the UAE is also included in this list, because we know about the UAE that it is a conservative country. Wearing short clothes is banned in the UAE. Here on the sea beaches, not only women but men can also wear short swim suits. There are no restrictions in some places around Dubai but still it is very difficult to wear bikini-like clothes here.

Hvar Island

Hvar is a beautiful island in Croatia. Here men are prohibited from walking without shirts and women wearing short clothes like bikinis. Wearing such clothes can be fined more than 47 thousand.


The beauty of Maldives captivates the tourist. This destination is more famous for honeymoon. Every year many couples from India go here for their honeymoon. You will be surprised to know that even in Maldives it is forbidden to wear clothes with body show off, then there is no talk of bikini.


Wearing a bikini is also banned in Geneva, Switzerland, where it is forbidden to wear a swimsuit above the knees near the knee swimming pool.

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