New Delhi : It doesn’t matter what corner of the world you are in. Your speech, lifestyle and dress are the complete reflection of your personality. A man’s clothing gives information about his cultural heritage as well as his location. Recently, the video which is going viral on social media once again confirms this. In the video, the video of a woman wearing a sari became the center of discussion among bikini-clad girls on the beach. Social media users are having a lot of fun on this. At the same time, many people are associating the dress of the woman with the Indian culture.

Not Auntie, India’s daughter
A user @Meenu951148012 wrote that her entire body is covered, so she is Auntie and those who are roaming around without clothes are girls. This is India, these clothes are our identity. Don’t make fun of them like this. There is no Kaki in the saree but the daughter of India.


don’t forget your culture
One user @chahar9776 wrote that this is not Kaki….this woman is a symbol of Indian/Rajasthan/Jhunjhunu’s civilization, culture… This great lady has proved today that you can live in any corner of the world. Go but don’t forget your culture.


The short clothed herself blushed
At the same time, another user @VipinKu55350475 wrote that looking at the full clothes, the women themselves were ashamed of the gestures, this shows that there are shame inside women too. Just show that I am exposing myself When foreigners are now bringing the tradition of wearing saris, Indian people now consider short clothes as beauty and grace.