Bikini Photoshoot Stunt Near Eiffel Tower: Recently, such a case came to light from California, America when two models in a passenger bus, wearing bikinis, forcibly climbed and they created a ruckus inside. Another such case has now come to light from Paris, France, when a similar ruckus took place in front of the Eiffel Tower. Actually, people keep doing different types of photoshoots to post pictures on social media. This incident has come to the fore in this episode.

quite a crowd arrived
Actually, this incident is from Paris, France. According to a report in The Sun, some girls reached here wearing bikinis and started doing photoshoots. It was also told that she does modeling but when she reached there for a photoshoot, a huge crowd reached. The situation became such that the police had to be called. After that there was a lot of commotion again.

the police refused
It has also been told that these girls got this photoshoot done to promote a bikini business. There were two models among these girls while another girl was also present. The police refused them to do so. Later he also removed those pictures from his social media. Because the girls shared photos and videos of the photoshoot, there was a ruckus on social media too.

At present, the police have released the girls with a warning. Let us tell you that in the past, one such case came to light from Italy when a female social media influencer got such a photoshoot done in front of a church that there was a ruckus and the police had reached. At that time there was an allegation on the woman that this woman is doing a very obscene photoshoot. After this some people called the police.

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