Urfi Javed Video: Whenever it comes to boldness, Urfi Javed crosses every limit. Be it news paper or wire. Urfi, who crossed every limit in clothes, reached PVR wearing a bikini this time. Not only this, the actress posed in such a way wearing this bikini that your head will be baffled after watching the video. This latest video of Urfi Javed is becoming increasingly viral.

Wearing such clothes in public space

This latest video of Urfi Javed is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this video, Urfi was seen posing in front of the camera wearing a purple color bikini. Although the actress tried to cover her body with some clothes other than bikini, but it seemed almost negligible in the video.

Slipped pajamas wearing a bikini

In this video you will see that Urfi Javed is wearing a white T-shirt over a purple color bra. To make her look bold, the actress cut the T-shirt to the braline so that the top became shorter than the braline. At the same time, the actress wore pajamas below with a bra. But slipped the pajamas down because everything was caught on camera.

PVR arrived

When Urfi Javed reached PVR to watch the film wearing such clothes, everyone was stunned to see him. When the paparazzi started making videos of Urfi, then Urfi went and stood outside the washroom. After this Urfi said that now will you come inside the washroom. After this, Urfi started laughing and stood up and gave more than one killer pose.

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