New Delhi: A lot of new things were seen in the fashion world this year. Bikinis and swim suits which have always been kept at the top of the category of bold have come in the market in a new avatar. In such a situation, model Chris Glera of Playboy magazine has continued the trend of invisible two piece.

who is chris glera

Chris Glera, 35, suddenly came into the limelight when he married himself and divorced himself within 90 days. In such a situation, she has recently shared some pictures on Insta flaunting her body in which she is wearing an invisible bikini.

what is invisible bikini

The straps in the invisible bikini are made from special invisible silicone. Which are transparent to see. In such a situation it is called Invisible bikini. Let us inform that in March 2021, Chris appeared in Australia’s ‘Playboy’ magazine. He has millions of fans all over the world.

Fans became fans of beauty

In such a situation, while sharing the photos, Chris wrote the caption Mother Nature!, The marks made from sunlight are amazing, it looks like someone has tanned with the help of tape. In such a situation, the fans are calling her Wonder Woman and Cat Woman. Let us tell you that Chris, who has turned down thousands of relationships so far, says that men are very weak in loyalty. He can never live with a woman. They want multiple women at the same time.

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