Age is just a number i.e. age is nothing more than number. Many people have not only taken it seriously but have also proved it. There are many such people who are not only surprised by amazing feats in their growing age. Rather, they force even those half their age to press their fingers under their teeth. There is one such young old man who surprises those watching hard workouts in the gym with his granddaughter.

Leslie Maxwell of Melbourne, Australia is known for her toned physique and rigorous workouts even at the age of 64. This grandmother, who sweats in the gym 5 days a week, cheats people while exercising with her granddaughter. People do not understand the relationship between the two. Seeing Leslie’s slender physique, the youth also become watery.

Grandma’s bikini pose will surprise
The grandmother, who worked hard and sweated in the gym 5 days a week, decided to take a break from the gym and set fire to the seaside. And gave such killer poses in a yellow bikini that his fans were just left watching. And wrote in the caption- ‘You know where I will meet. I am at Nature’s Health Retreat. Enjoy your Sunday too. Leslie believes that by doing so, other people will also be inspired to maintain themselves. And when the figure is so good, it should be flaunted openly. Despite being old, Leslie shared one by one pictures in bikini which are telling her fitness and beauty very well. Leslie says that being fit is a feeling. And there is no better feeling than having a healthy strong body.

Grandmother’s skinny physique does amazing at the age of 64
Actually 64-year-old grandmother Leslie is very cautious and aware about her fitness. This is the reason why he loves gym and workout very much. And she makes people her fans with her slim physique. Due to which he has maintained his beautiful slender physique at this age that the viewers cannot guess his age. The funniest incident that she shares when she is training with her granddaughter, people get confused between grandma and granddaughter. Lessie is nothing less than an inspiration for the rest of the people regarding fitness at the age of 64.

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