If you see the logo of the e-commerce site Amazon, then you will find that there is an arrow between A and Z in it. This means that everything from A to Z is available on this site. People buy everything from clothes to utensils and things related to decoration to food and drink from Amazon. But often this site gets embroiled in controversies due to its goods. Now a bikini set is catching the attention of the people, however, so far it has not sparked a big controversy. A bikini of the design of Pakistan’s national flag is being found on Amazon’s site, which people are linking to its defeat in cricket.

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Yesterday i.e. on September 11, the final match of Asia Cup was played in cricket in which there was a clash between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In this game, Sri Lanka defeated Pakistan by 23 runs. Sri Lanka had given a target of 171 runs to Pakistan but the entire team of Pakistan was reduced to 147. Pakistani players are also being trolled on social media due to their bad performance in the game. Meanwhile, a strange bikini has also come into the limelight, which is of the design of the flag of Pakistan.

Selling for Rs 2300, this bikini is 3D printed and the flag of Pakistan is made in both its upper and lower part. This bikini is not available on Amazon’s app or on Amazon India’s site. However, on searching on Google, it will be visible that it is being sold on the platform of Amazon site in other countries.

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By the way, this is not the first time that the national flag of a country has been insulted by Amazon. Last year, Amazon was embroiled in controversy in countries like Canada, UK, Japan and Mexico for selling bikinis designed with Karnataka’s state flag. Not only this, last year a bikini made of the national flag of Sri Lanka was also being sold on Amazon. Amazon started selling shoes with Indian flag some time back, after which the trend of Boycott Amazon started in the country.