Story Highlights

  • The local administration took cognizance of the matter
  • The people of the coastal area had complained

Wearing a bikini has been banned in a famous tourist place. If anyone is found doing this, he will be fined heavily. As a fine, he may have to pay more than 40 thousand. The administration has taken this step on the complaint of the local people.

The case is of Pompeii and Naples, the coastal areas of Italy. According to ‘Daily Mail’, the mayor here has passed an order. According to this, if someone is seen wearing a bikini, shirtless or wearing less clothes on the streets, then action will be taken against him.

In fact, people living along the beach said that people who came to spend their holidays in the tourist place located in their area, behave in ‘indecent behavior’ by wearing less clothes. Due to which people have problems, they feel uncomfortable.

warning to tourists

The mayor took cognizance of this complaint and warned the tourists visiting the beach that if anyone is found to be doing ‘indecent behavior’ in ‘short clothes’, then he can be fined 425 pounds (more than 40 thousand rupees).

The mayor said locals feared that the movement of tourists was ruining the “prestige” and “quality of life” of the coastal city. In such a situation, police officers will patrol the roads and coastal areas to ensure that the rules are followed. Those who are found shirtless or in swimwear will be fined.

A local journalist told that a large number of tourists come to this tourist place. The way they roam in the middle, they also go out on the streets of the city. This makes some people feel uncomfortable. Such rules have already been imposed in many beach areas.