Anshula Kapoor is one of the popular star kids of Bollywood. Anshula is not a part of the glamor world, but still she is often in the news. Nowadays Anshula is everywhere because of her transformation. Arjun Kapoor’s sister is now looking more beautiful and confident than before. This is the confidence of the new Anshula, which she has shared a strong caption while posting a photo in a bikini.

Anshula in bikini
Anshula has posted a photo in a blue color bikini on social media. In the picture, she is seen in a chill mood by putting her feet in the pool. It has never happened before today that Anshula has posted such a glamorous photo. But this time he did so. While sharing the photo, Anshula has also written a motivational story for all the girls.

Anshula writes that three months ago I was talking to @priyamganeriwal that I will never wear a bikini, because I do not have that much confidence. After listening to Anshula, @priyamganeriwal replied why not. You should wear this. Arjun’s sister writes that I had hidden many things about bikini inside me. Anshula used to think that to wear short dresses, you should have that kind of body.

Anshula showed confidence
Anshula says that I thought a lot about this and then felt that no we do not need to hide the stretch marks of our body. Anshula says that we should come to love our own body. This is the reason why it is one of my favorite holidays. I am glad that I wore a bikini and I feel more comfortable and comfortable than before.

Some time ago, Anshula also talked about her reduced weight and shared with the fans how she became slim earlier. Anshula also did exercise along with a healthy diet to lose weight. Really this transformation of Anshula Kapoor is amazing. She is looking very beautiful and confident.