VIDEO: When a woman wearing a sari arrived among the tourists wearing a bikini, people praised her

People have liked the video of a woman walking in a sari on the beach.

You represent your country, wherever you are in the world. In such a case, you are also identified by your clothes, your food and the language you speak. The video going viral on social media confirms this. In this video clip, a woman is wearing a sari in the style of some parts of North India while traveling on the beach. Another thing that makes this video interesting is that the visuals show that this beach is outside India. This woman is the only one who is wearing a sari among bikini-clad women on the beach and this is what makes this video special.

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This video has got more than 99 thousand views so far and it has been shared widely on Twitter. Many users have praised the woman for sticking to her traditional dress while traveling to foreign locations. Talking about wearing sarees abroad, a few months ago hundreds of women, most of whom were doctors and bankers, had made an appearance at Britain’s famous Royal Ascot Race Meeting wearing sarees. He also received a lot of praise for this.