Aashram Fame Kavita: In Baba Nirala’s ‘Ashram’ web series, each character was in discussion for different reasons in his own style. While Tridha Chaudhary, who played the role of Babita, remained in the headlines due to intimate scenes, there is also an actress who was seen in all three seasons just by mopping and in a simple cotton sari. However, in the third season, this actress gave kissing scenes. This actress is none other than Anurita Jha, who plays the role of Kavita. In this web series, Anurita is more bold and hot than she appeared in real life. The proof of this is the latest photo of the actress in which she is seen flaunting her bikini look by opening her shrug.

Bold on reaching the ship

Anurita Jha has shared photos of the ship on social media. In these pictures, Anurita is seen standing on the ship, spreading the magic of her bold acts. The actress is looking so bold and hot in the pictures that on seeing the photos became viral.

flaunt bikini

Anurita has shared 2 pictures on social media. By the way, both the photos are the same, only one is colorful and the other is black and white. In this photo, Anurita is wearing a cream-coloured shrug, which was opened in front of the camera and Anurita was seen showing a bikini of white color in front of the camera.

Bold scene given in ‘Ashram’
Anurita Jha gave a liplock scene with a boy in this web series. However, a few days ago, the actress gave a statement about the intimate scene which became very viral. The actress had said in the interview that I wanted to get permission from my father before doing such a scene. I told them about this. On this he told me- ‘Yes yes do bindaas do. After that I felt fine.

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